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LWM Technology Services works with information professionals in knowledge intensive organizations (R&D, law, academic research, and consultancies) to analyze and refine information management operations. Principal, Lynda Moulton, worked directly with hundreds of information professionals to plan, implement and manage large-scale information technology projects during her 20 year tenure as founder and CEO of Comstow Information Services. She now consults on specific information technology projects relating to enterprise Knowledge Management, calling upon expert associates, as appropriate. Projects are undertaken through consultative collaboration with IT managers, CIOs, Technical Information Center directors and librarians, and advises senior management on best practices for leveraging knowledge.

LWM Technology Services views each knowledge management activity as a unique project in the context of its organization. An analysis of existing business processes is the first step of any process that is a candidate for improvement. This results in the formalization of a plan based on four key premises:

> Knowledge Management is a process or series of processes to integrate information content resources and knowledge workers.

> Knowledge Management depends on people to implement the processes.

> Meaningful Knowledge Management processes address organizational need as defined by the organization’s short and long-term objectives, often using mission specific taxonomies or categorization methodologies.

> Knowledge is information in a context that has meaning for the members of the organization.

The value offered by LWM Technology Services is the commitment to meet the challenge of Knowledge Management with focused human and technological resources. Process development recommendations are presented in the form of practical action plans with achievable milestones and concrete objectives with the focus on organizational needs. LWM also provides long term project management to assure follow through and attainment of business goals.

In its Dedication to Preserving the Value in Enterprise Knowledge, LWM Technology Services brings other consultants to the knowledge management collaboration process when additional expertise and support is warranted. Among the expert talent that we currently recommend:

Through professional memberships in Boston KM Forum, and affiliation with Bluebill Advisors Lynda Moulton maintains a quality network of consultants whose work frequently dovetails with and supports company engagements.

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